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December 11, 2009


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Freakin hilarious post!!! I had to search a bit to find the company, but eventually was directed to a page that had the spermy shoes for sale. I figured I would be, potentially, the first person to inform them of the sperm on their shoes and directed them to this post. Maybe we'll get some free shoes to keep quiet about the shoes with goo. Or perhaps the rubber socks you mentioned in the post. Either way, stock up on Nonoxynol-9 if you're gonna wear these puppies. Again, great post, I'll keep you informed as to what the company says.

Why are you so sure it's not a tadpole? ;-)

Because tadpoles start as an egg and have little arms and legs eventually. This "logo" is neither an egg nor a tadpole. Please refer to http://homeschooljourney.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/tadpole-to-frog.gif

Maybe they should market these shoes to women? lol

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